Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Weekend!

 I just found this photo on my camera from the beach last weekend, it cracks me up.  In this moment Linda & Mom are playing with this elaborate marble maze they built on the stairs, having a great time.
 And here are the kids, in the same moment.
 They both wandered off and ended up playing with the tablets.   Um kids??  NO.
 At least the adults are having real fun! 
 (The kids had a blast with the marble tower too!)
I love how Norah posed for me : )
 This girl, she cracks me up!!
We are looking forward to a fun family movie night tonight at Ava's school.  We invited our friends Haley & Jasmine too so their parents could have a much deserved date night.  We get to see Monsters University, it should be fun!  Hopefully Norah will do better than last time, she wouldn't sit still so I vowed not to take her to the next movie night.  Hummm I wonder if I will regret going back on that one.  Only time will tell.  : )

Happy weekend!  


viewfromdownhere said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she does! Have a good weekend!