Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The rest of our visit.

 We had such a nice visit with Bob & Barby.  It always seems too short but we are thankful none the less that they make the effort to come so far to see us. 
 We played a lot of pinochle, went on a nice walk around the farmers market in Hillsboro, enjoyed margaritas on our deck, made s'mores around the fire & just enjoyed each others company.

 "This girl is on fiiirrrrrrre"  This picture makes me sing that song in my head every time I see it. : )

 Seriously, could this be cuter??

 This picture kills me, LOVE it so much.
 She loves her daddy.

 Ava had a scrape on her nose & she wouldn't stop messing with it so we put a band-aide on it, I guess John was making fun of her when he saw it and it hurt her feelings so both he & Norah decided to join her.

So cute, love this.
And this.  This is my favorite picture of all, maybe ever.  It's so perfect.  This is how happy we all get when we get to see Bob & Barby, really looking forward to our next visit with them already!


Alaina said...

aw, now that is one sweet daddy....