Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Over the weekend...

 We had a fun weekend, Saturday was great.  John planned a nice family hike for us followed by our first trip of the Summer to the farmers market.  It was really hot that day so we got a fairly early start.  The hike was so fun!

 The kids really enjoyed it.  We had to do the big loop because we really wanted to see the pond.  Thankfully the path is stroller friendly and Ava was a good sport about walking so far, even though it was a bit much for her. 

 I'm glad we made it down to the pond, there we saw frogs, a salamander, tadpoles and a few swimming snakes.  It was really cool!

 The place even has a great park, although we didn't stay to play too long as it was getting quite hot and the farmers market was only open 2 more hours. 
 It was fun seeing all the great produce & hand made products, we bought a few things, but mostly just had fun looking around. 
 Next we all cooled off over at the fountains.

 We even ran into some friends of ours there, it was great!
 Such a perfect way to end a nice morning! 

While Norah was napping John set up the tent outside & got our backyard all "camping" ready.
 The kids were thrilled!  They really enjoyed sleeping out there with John, while I on the other hand, stayed in the comfort of our house.  I love this version of camping...
Thanks my love for planning & executing such a fun day!!


guzzi guy said...

Where was the hike?

Sarah said...

Up by you, on Kemmer, Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Lets do it together on of these days!