Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Family Trip, Phone Addition!

 Ready for a million more photos?  Hope so.  These are all from my phone so please forgive the quality.  

This first round is from our hike through Drift Creek Falls.  We love taking people on this easy, beautiful hike.

 This picture cracks me up because this is typical Ava, pretending to be an animal, using her scary face.  I asked her what kind of animal she was and this time it was a bear.  So I made some flip comment about a bear and this woman near us totally freaked out, thinking there was actually a bear.  It was hilarious! : )

 Here Norah was singing a song about loving her mommy & daddy, so cute!
 This next set is from our next hike, Cascade Head, love this one too.  It's pretty, a good incline & peaks with the best view, love that.
 Kole carried Norah, a nice break for John.

 Here's Kole singing "Ain't no mountain high enough!"
 Beautiful stairs.

 Loving this couple.
 The view as you come to the top.

 I love this one!!

  Our next adventure took us to Pacific City to watch the kids surf. 
 I love these little cheese balls.

 Come back!

 I love her silliness.
 Surf's Up!!
 And they're off!

 While we waited we hiked up the sand hill to Cape Kiwanda, I'd never been up there, it was really cool!!

Ava insisted on rolling down the hill.
 Norah gave it a try too.
 Erik & Kate raced down.

 Before everyone took off we headed down to the beach one last time.

 Beach Volleyball!

We had the very best time with these guys!  Loved every minute!  We really must do it again soon!  Until next time... : )


Cadie said...

Looks like so much fun, and what a beautiful view! You got a couple of great looking family pictures that need to be framed! :)