Monday, July 15, 2013

Our trip, part 1, of many. : )

We are home.  Eleven days at the beach was somewhere between a lot and not enough, I was sad to be leaving today but so grateful to have been able to be there that long.  So blessed for all the fun that was had & people that surrounded us with love & their wonderful company.  I love this life we live.  My girls had the very best time & their daddy got to join us for the majority of it.  

According to my estimations it will take me like a month to catch up on all the photos I took & want to put up here, so please bare with me.  So much photo editing to do so little time...

Our trip was broken up into stages, the first leg was the Torgeson, Uppy, Jessica, Heidi & Brian.  They were with us through the 4th of July until Sunday, so fun!  

We of course spent some time on the beach, always fun!

 I LOVE this picture.  John is the very best daddy.  Here he is gently explaining the importance of not running into the ocean & listening to daddy.  I love how loving yet firm he can be, we are raising some pretty amazing little chicks here.  : )

 We took the kids to the park, they love it there.  We even found some trails to explore!

 Erik loves it when I take his picture.  : )
 But who can resist?  So cute!

 Phone stack, focus on the games!
 Cute girls reading!
 We took the whole group on a hike through Drift Creek Falls, it's the perfect trail for kids, super easy. 
 The kids ran the whole way down to the falls, stopping every so often and yelling "picture time!" they know the way to my heart! : )

 Such a fun hike!  The whole weekend with these great people was awesome!  
We wrapped it up with some s'mores at Surftides, our home away from home.

 So very grateful for a wonderful weekend with our friends and family!!  Such a great way to spend my birthday.


(Sorry for the photo overload!  Aaaand this is just the beginning...) 


guzzi guy said...

Looks like fun and also looks like we have to check out drift creek falls.