Monday, July 22, 2013

Gamble Family Reunion

We are thankful that John's family does a little reunion get together each year, it always brings Bob & Barby to town, love that!  It is also nice to see all the rest of the Gambles we don't normally get a chance to hang out with.  

Here's a few photos from that day, predominately of Norah, cause she's my favorite.   

Just kidding!!  She just happens to be my most willing participant who doesn't seem to mind my excessive photo taking.  I should say "yet" since Ava used to just carry on about her business & let me click away, now not so much.  Most of her photos are somewhat posed and took a mild threat to accomplish...

Anyhow, back to the reunion...
 The girls were thrilled to have a playground in very close proximity.

 Some sort of sketchy pirate convention.   This park was beautiful but a little weird. : )
 Come play with me!!

 Sweet baby girl.

 Love this man with all my heart.
Great place for a nap.
 Love, love, love these people.

How cute are they??

 I didn't even have to threaten, maybe she just knows if she gives me one good smile I will leave her alone. : )
 Hanging with her favorite friend of the day.
 Ava's prize for winning the bean bag toss!


 So cute!

Such a perfectly beautiful day!  Thankful for these great people!  


Claralee said...

What a beautiful day! Thanks for your expert photography!!

viewfromdownhere said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! Love the pictures of Norah on the swing...Aubrey is a big fan of that, too :-)