Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Self Sufficient!!

 These kids are growing up so fast.
Ava has been increasingly helpful with 
the laundry.  She likes to fold towels & such.
 She can put away all of her own clothes.
Today Norah scooped up her own pile of 
clothes after she heard me ask Ava to grab hers.
 These kids are just so SMART.
 I assumed that Ava would put her clothes away 
and that I would find Norah's freshly folded clothes
all over the floor of her room.  Later when I went 
back there I found them all put away!  Ava helped 
her Sister put them all in the right drawers!!
 Norah can just sit & entertain herself,
she thinks she is SO FUNNY.
 But really?  She is.  It's 100% true.
 Ava can feed herself her own grapefruit now,
and even offer Norah bites.  They usually just 
stood at my feet begging "Bite! Bite! Bite! Bite!"
It's no way to enjoy a grapefruit!  Also, this new 
system keeps Ava busy for awhile.  : )
 Next Ava suggested Norah play leap frog
with her.  Something I'm sure can't happen
successfully but it's fun to watch them try.

They play so well together. 

There is sometimes 5 whole minutes that 
go by without them needing me at all!!  : )

Love these girls!