Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Life.

I saw a picture today of a family,
the parents were holding a sign with 
their 3 kids in the background, the sign
read "This is Our Happily Ever After"

That really hit home for me.

THIS really is my "happily ever after",
I have everything I've ever wanted &
so very much more.

I live a life that is overflowing with gratitude,
every direction I look, weather it be to 
my husband, our children, our extended 
family, this home we have created, my dear
friends, our health,
we are just so crazy blessed!

I really hope you all feel the exact same way
about your life, we are so lucky to be HERE,
living in this beautiful world, surrounded by 
each other.  : )


viewfromdownhere said...

I needed to read this today, more than you know. (Or read my blog, and you'll see why). We are truly blessed to have everything we have!

Rhi said...

you do have an amazing life-because YOU are an amazing woman and you deserve every bit of happiness you have!!!! I love you and your family and feel so grateful to have you all in my family's life!