Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Beach Fun

The best thing about going to the beach 
is hanging out with whomever comes to 
play with us.
 (Norah is still just as messy as ever
with her yogurt!)
 This trip was great because it started with our
little family, then Mom & John came and we had
a nice evening with them, then Chris, D'Auna & 
Alayah came to play, and finally Linda spent the last 
few days with us. 

 Each part was great!

 The weather was absolutely perfect!!

 The kids had such a great time!

 My girls can't get enough of Alayah.
 I love their love for each other.

 Linda is the very best.
 She plays with these kids non-stop.
Her patience & love for them is beyond
impressive.  It takes me back to when I 
was a kid, so cool that they get to experience
how awesome she is too!

Look at this amazing contraption Linda
built for the kids!  
You roll a marble down and try to get it
to launch into the last shoot, so fun!

 We had fun celebrating Mom's birthday. 
She's the best too.  Love this family!!
Pure happiness.


guzzi guy said...

Looks like a fantastic trip!