Thursday, January 3, 2013

21 Questions (again)

Back in January, about a year ago I asked Ava 21 questions, with the intention of asking her the same questions each year to see how her answers change.  I originally found this suggestion on Pinterest, here is Ava's second go at it, followed by her first answers from last year.

1.What is something Mommy always says to you?
"Go potty every morning when I wake up"   Last Year--> “Brush my teeth” 

2. What makes Mommy happy?
"Me being good."    “Cleaning up the house”
3. What makes Mommy sad?
"Me not being good."     “That I don’t clean up the house”

4. How does Mommy make you laugh?
"By tickling me"     “By tickling me”

5. What was Mommy like as a child?
"Good."   “Toys” (I think she thought I meant “what did mommy like as a child?”)
6. How old is Mommy?
"45"(damn it!!!)    “18” (nice)

7. How tall is Mommy?
"Higher then the counter" (which she is sitting on right now)    “That tall!”

8. What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?
"Look at her computer"    “Clean”

9. What does Mommy do when you're not around?
"Watch a movie"    “Play with Norah”

10. If Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
"Cooking"    “Telling people who you are”

11. What is Mommy really good at?
"Cooking"    “Tell things”

12. What is Mommy not very good at?
"Jump rope"     She couldn’t come up with anything!

13. What does Mommy do for her job?
 "Take care of me & Norah"    “Clean”

14. What is Mommy's favorite food?
"Salad"    “Oatmeal”

15. What makes you proud of Mommy?
"For doing jump rope 50 times"    “You hugging me”

16. If Mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
"Cinderella"    “Sarah”

17. What do you and Mommy do together?
"Sometimes go on dates"    “Cuddle”

18. How are you and Mommy the same?
"We are both girls"    “Your eyes are brown and mine are”

19. How are you and Mommy different?
"We are not different, except our hair is different."    “Our hair, yours is darker, mine is brighter”

20. How do you know Mommy loves you?
"Because you always tell me that!"    “Because you hug me and I hug Oreo too, because I love him”

21. Where is Mommy's favorite place to go?
"Hot yoga"    “Red Robin” (um NO!)

It will be interesting to see how these answers change throughout the years.  I wonder what Norah has to say about all of this too : )


Nain said...

I love that! She's kind of consistent on some of those questions. And she really thinks you like to clean, huh? And can't jump rope? :-)