Happy New Year!!

 2012 couldn't of been much better.

We ended it at the mountain surrounded
by our wonderful family. 
 Part of our group : )
 That's some deep snow!

 Ava LOVES eating snow.

 Norah looks so tiny against the house : )
 Icicles are my favorite.
 She didn't love how cold it was.  She kept
insisting we go back in.  Right after she 
insisted I take her out there again : )
 Such perfect weather!  I love the blue sky & 
the white snow against the trees.

 Lots of sledding happened.
 The town looks amazing this time of year.
 More icicles : )
 My girlies riding up to the store.
 I love this one.

 So blessed to have Bayli join us.

 Night sledding.

 The moon.
 Sock hands!
 These little cousins play so well together!!
 So much wonderful food.
 They are adorable together.

 All the kids.
 These two play great together too!

 Norah figured out how to build Lego towers!
She kept making them so tall Bayli had to 
pick her up so she could add more pieces!

 So cute!
 Love these two!
 And these two too!!
 These little party animals were given permission 
to stay up as late as they wanted for New Years,
later that statement had to be modified to "unless
we go to bed, then you have to too"  This picture 
was taken at 2:30am!!!  We finally had to send 
them to bed.  : )
 I see you!!!

 Norah has her arm around Alayah.
These kids, man, they sure are what make our
world tick.  
We are so very blessed, here's to the new year,
may it be just as fabulous as 2012!

Happy New Year!!!!


guzzi guy said…
Wow! What beautiful pictures and a beautiful stay at the mountain. Happy New Year!
Absolutely breathtaking pictures! And such fun, too! Would you believe I have never been sledding? Ever. Probably part of growing up in Alabama, but still. Maybe I need to visit you guys and the girls can teach me how to sled.

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