Friday, August 17, 2012

Spray Park Field Trip

The one difficult thing about having good little 
sleepers is waking them up early when you have
to be somewhere. 

I try to never schedule anything too early but 
field trips happen when they happen and we 
don't want to miss them!

This one was at a park in Hillsboro with 
a fun little water feature, which was perfect since
it was 103 degrees today!!  Yikes!

Norah gets up early, oh and while we are on the 
subject, she wakes up MISERABLE every. single.
day.  I can't even remember when this began, she 
used to be a happy little thing and slept in much later.
I just want to write that down because *maybe*
if I write down the fact that she wakes up early and 
unhappy EVERY SINGLE DAY she will do what 
my kids love to do and prove me wrong.
Please Norah, follow suit on this!!  

Anyhow, getting Norah up early isn't the problem,
it's Ava who loves to sleep in.  In fact she slept in until
11:15 the other day!!  That will never happen again 
(see note above) but it was fun while it lasted.  

So this morning when I woke Ava up she was MAD
even though she knew about this field trip and was 
excited about it, she was still not at all happy that I 
was waking her up at the ungodly hour of 8:15 : )

Love that!!

I think Ava would agree, 
totally worth being woken up for : )

Loving the preschool field trips!!