Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a mix of sadness & fun.

Saturday morning Bayli & I went to a funeral
for my friends husband who died in a tragic 
motorcycle accident.  He was going super slow 
but a woman turned left in front of him and 
that was it.  Crazy.  Now my good friend is left 
without her husband and their teenage daughters
without their dad.  He was a really good man, 
it's just so sad. 

Please make sure you keep your eye out for 
motorcycles when you are driving, a good lesson 
for all of us.  Can you even imagine what it would 
be like to be that woman that killed him?  That is 
crazy too.  I feel really bad for her.

It was a beautiful service that honored him nicely,
so glad we got to go to that.

Next up we had a wedding that same evening.
Here's a few shots around the house before hand:

 Love Bayli.

 And then the wedding...
Here's Nikole walking down the aisle. 
 And Josh's first glace of her.
 Lovin the shoes!
 The happy couple!
 Pretty cake.
 Mr. & Mrs!
 Cute.  They are so in love.
 The kids had such a great time playing in the arbor.
 Grass in the hair : )
 Colton & Ava, such good friends : )

 And Norah, just couldn't be cuter.

 We see you Colton!
LOVE that face.

Today we capped off the weekend with a BBQ with
friends, perfect ending to our weekend : )