Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grandma's House.

We love going up to my Mom's house.  
This time of year is the best, blueberry season.

She has the most beautiful garden.

 The blueberries are just starting to come on strong,
whereas ours are pretty much done.

 Not only do we love to pick blueberries but 
we also love to jump on the trampoline!

 Norah just runs around like a little crazy person
trying to give us a heart attack as we chase after her.
 Eventually we tackle her, she loves it.  Yikes.
 Mom joins in on the fun too!
They also love exploring inside.
  Norah is in electronics heaven.  (her favorite)
 Here they are pretending to play video games.

Love visiting Grandma, we already need to go 
back, blueberries don't last long in this house : )


Rhi said...

kid paradise at Grandma's house!!!