Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miss Messy

 So since practice makes perfect, Norah is 
still "practicing" the art of feeding herself.
 She did a little better this time, her hair went
relatively unscathed.

Once I got her all cleaned up I was proud to see
not one drop on her outfit, she usually has super 
messy skills that defy all bibs...
'The whole "eat your own yogurt" thing
started because Norah now goes to the 
silverware drawer, opens it and says "SPOON!!"
over and over until you give her a spoon.

Today she climbed out the cat door into the 
garage and found an old container of orange 
baby food, presumably sweet potatoes & turkey,
then went to get her spoon.  

There was no way in hell I was going to let her
feed herself orange baby food, especially 2 
seconds after I just cleaned her head to toe.

So I handed her a spoon and then fed her bites 
with a secondary spoon which *sort of* appeased
her in the moment.

She lost interest and I got distracted as sometimes
other things in the house are just more entertaining.
So next thing I know I look over and see this:
 Yep, she climbed up on a chair and found the 
baby food container I had set down that she was
In retrospect keeping the white yogurt off her 
outfit wasn't such an accomplishment after all...