Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Fun

We had a great weekend.  

Friday we went the Norah Jones concert out in
the lawn at Edgefield, such a great place for a concert.

It was supposed to be our little Norah's first concert & 
somewhat extra special because we walked down the aisle 
to Norah Jones & then named our second born after her too 
but it was revving up to be 102 degrees that day and I just 
couldn't wrap my mind around bringing Norah to the concert.  

We opted for begging Linda to watch her (it doesn't really 
take a lot of convincing, she happens to LOVE that girl)  
Anyhow, best decision ever.

I am sure it wouldn't of been half as fun trying to manage a 
hot baby that wants to run off and not stay where we wanted 
to be. 

Really the weather wasn't too much of an issue.  We found a 
nice shady spot, we had lots of water (& $9 cocktails) fans and 
even a little pool to keep our feet in.  It was great.
Ava was beyond fun to have with us.  Everyone around us
fell in love with her.  They all chatted with her the whole time
and came up and hugged her and said she made their night.

She really has such a way with people.

Thanks Mom & Jessica for taking us to the concert!!  It was a great
birthday gift!

Saturday we had a nice family get-together up at Moms house 
and Sunday John, the girls and I went on a nice walk/bike ride.

We found a cute little local trail that connects 2 parks which led 
to a little over a 3 mile walk for us and bike ride for Ava and a 
park on each side for the kids to play at.  
 Pushing Norah on the swing
 Going down the big slide, girl has no fear.

 Ava is pretty fancy.

 Weird baby.  I sort of want to eat her toes too
so I guess it's not that weird...
Although there are better things to eat...
  There were wild blackberries all along our trail, yay!

Hi down there!
Norah LOVES lady bugs.
 She is always trying to get Ava to give them 
to her & let them crawl on her arm.  So cute.
 They often end up "sleeping" due to over handling : (
I love watching these girls play together.  It's great.

Next we got the house all clean & happy then we 
wrapped Sunday up with a nice Thai dinner on the 
deck with Grandpa Michael & Grandma Angi.

Perfect end to a perfect weekend.   : )


Kelly said...

What a fun post!

That's so cool that your girls are gonna be concert-savvy so young - I didn't go to a real concert until I was at least twelve or something. And that was Point of Grace, so I don't think it counts :)

Love that picture of Ava going no legs on her bike!