Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun with Friends

These pictures make me so happy.

This was for sure up there with one 
of my favorite weekends ever.  

Love these people, love getting to spend
quality time with them!

First up, hike around Trillium Lake

 Next the big birthday celebration for Tiffani!
 Complete with sushi rolling!!

 They are so cute.  Love them!!

 The look on Erik's face cracks me up, 
also the knife in his hand and the can
of Rainer, it just doesn't seem like a 
sushi rolling beverage. 
 I said "say cheese!" this is what I got : )

 Rhi took this, we were laughing about my cleavage. 

 Rhi dropped some sushi sauce on her toe, 
her husband jumped in with the save.
 Love the look on her face! : )

Next up, hike up to Mirror Lake & a swim!

I think it ended up being a bit ambitious with 
5 kids but it was really fun anyway.  

The whole weekend was perfect!

Love my friends, love that we have these amazing
places to take them and enjoy together. 

So blessed.


guzzi guy said...

Really great pictures. Looks like a wonderful time!

Rhi said...

SO MANY GTEAT PICTURES! Thanks for such an awesome weekend!!!!