Friday, August 31, 2012

From the beach.

Here are a few moments of our day:
 My sweet girls giving birthday love to auntie.
 They made a cute little video where Ava is singing 
Happy Birthday and Norah keeps saying "Happy!"
It's pretty funny. 
We all love auntie Jessica so much!!
 Sandcastles with Grandma

 Downward Dog, Norah's signature move.
I have dozens of photos of her doing this 
everywhere we go.  : )
 We came upon this amazing sandcastle someone else
built, we stopped and played there awhile.  Funny thing
was this guy walks by and Ava says "I built this whole thing,
all by myself"  Really Ava??  She laughed and followed it with
a "just kidding".  She cracks me up.

 Ava begged to fly a kite today. 
This entertained her FOREVER. 
She LOVED it.


 Norah couldn't help notice how much fun Ava
was having.  She needed in on it too.

 Too bad she didn't take into account the fact that 
she weighs nothing and wind has quite the pull...
She falls well, good thing.  : )

Such a great day.  

Looking forward to a fun weekend too!  : )