Monday, April 19, 2010

We Love Tyler!

This is Tyler.
He came to play for the day on Saturday.
I was worried at first he wasn't going to get over Matt leaving.
He was a little sad and really clingy.
He kept asking for "Da-Da"

So different from Ava who is ready to ditch us the second she gets a better offer.

Once he let me set him down he was able to move on a little,
he resolved to looking out the window for his daddy.
Ava told him daddy was out there working.
She meant her daddy.
He found this comforting even though he didn't really get which dad was out there.

Tyler was a little angel.

The two of them were just so stinking cute together.

Serious cuteness.
Ava LOVES Tyler.

But really what is not to love?
Matt told me that when he was ready for a nap he would tell me.
Um. Sure, yeah, right.
Well Tyler started going over to Ava's crib and telling me "night-night"
at about 10:30. Then again at 11:00, and then 11:30.
I wasn't sure he should go down that early so I stretched him until 12:15,
he kissed me and Ava goodnight and then looked happy as a clam to put down for a nap.

What the WHAT??

This would NEVER of happened with Ava!

(Just so you know Matt & Rhi, this IS NOT NORMAL!! You are just really lucky)
Well in truth, maybe Ava was just nuts but I consider you lucky none the less.

3 hours went by and I began to worry so I sneaked in there to check on him.

This is what I found:

Pure happiness. I had to go get Ava to show her what is possible in the world.

Next we headed outside to check on John's progress out front.
He borrowed Erik's tractor and was making a mud garden on the side of the house.
At least that is what it looks like so far...

Ava begged to sit in the tractor.
She loved it.
Tyler wanted nothing to do with it.
He kept saying "no, no, no, no."
He was pretty sure.

So instead I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with him by the flowers.
I LOVE the result.
This kid is seriously photogenic.

There are many more but I know you can't handle this much cute.

Aside from the ridiculous competitive poop contest between the two of these diaper-wearing little monkeys we had a super fun day, Tyler can come play again anytime!


Rhi said...

I'm glad he was such a good boy for you!!! I swear, he looked older when he came home...weird!

We know we are lucky and we like it :) thanks for letting him come over to play!