Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nail Polish

It has been awhile since I have painted my toe nails.
Today I did and Ava was pleasantly shocked.

What is this glorious thing I must now have too???

She begged for a piece of this action.

I bribed her like any good parent would.
And then made her blow on them.

I warned her not to touch them, they are not dry.

So she SCREAMED at them "YOU DRY TOE NAILS!!!"

Surprisingly that didn't work,
next she tried playing the harmonica for them,
also to no avail.

She negotiated with my toes.

Lately she has been really into negotiation, the other day she says to me
"Mommy I take nap, forty dollars."
What the WHAT??

In the end the toenails did dry.

Thankfully Ava kept on keepin' on with her total cheesiness.

Scroll down to see the video of how she NEEDED her toenails painted and then promptly forgot about it 2 seconds later, knowing she did not want to jump through my hoops.

My mom seconded the fact that parenting really is all about bribery.
I assure you that is true, at least for us.

"If you eat your peas you can have some applesauce!"
"If you want to go with me when I go bye-bye you will put your coat on right now."
"If you aren't going to be REALLY GOOD I will lose my mind and then what will we do?"

Ok, that last one isn't much of a bribe but I think she knows I mean business.
She has seen my head spin around before.


Madeline said...

I love the picture of your toes on the coffee table with the nail polish remover and a pot of coffee : ) I also LOVE the pictures of Ava!!

Tracy said...

We totally bribe too.. I wouldn't know how to parent without it ;) You should get some light pink for Ava's nails!!

Julie said...

No, No, I vote against letting her wear nail polish at such an early age. I think it is very helpful to keep some boundaries between what is kid stuff and what is adult stuff. I would tell her at what age you say it will be OK for her to wear it, and then she will have some milestones to look forward to, as she progresses on the path to maturity. (And, of course, don't move up the date when you're tempted to use it for a bribe, since she'll then know she can move you off your perch on a regular basis.)

She is adorable as ever, Sarah. Thanks for the pics. Hope to see you soon. Julie-doula

Rhi said...

bribing, bargaining, compromising!

I love her playing harmonica to your feet :)