Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ava is super into bubbles right now.
The other day she was begging for us to do bubbles together,
I put her off by saying "When Daddy gets home you can do bubbles with him."

When John got home he went into the office and I found Ava
outside blowing bubbles by herself.
Not exactly what I meant but close enough right?

My friend Ashlie came over on Tuesday for a play-date.
She has 3 kids UNDER THE AGE OF 3!
She is super woman.

This is Ryan, the oldest and Hanna, she just turned 1.

That is Jack, Hanna's twin that Ava is hugging.

Ryan was really impressed that Ava had trucks to play with.
He has some sort of radar for the 'boy' toys,
he was able to find 3, Ava really knows how to draw the boys in : )

Could these babies be cuter??

Now that is a handful, I am in awe.
The kids are really well behaved which is great
since I think you would go completely insane if they weren't.

The logistics of it all blows my mind.
Just having one kid makes things challenging.
Can you imagine???

We had a great time catching up as the kids played.
I am so happy to find more friends for Ava to play with.
If she could have a play-date everyday she totally would
She might have 3 a day if I would let her.

Yesterday we invited Katharina over with her two kids
Camden 4 and Morgan 2.
We love them.

You can tell Ava is telling Morgan what to do by the way she has her head tilted.

They get along really well though.

Usually Ava mostly plays with Camden but today Morgan jumped right in.

She was talking the whole time which is funny because Morgan is a bit shy and never seems to talk around us. I always make fun of Katharina saying she doesn't really know how to talk, but this time she talked up a storm. I wonder what kind of bribery she used...: )

These kids are so darn cute together.

I have a weakness for making this little girl happy.
Bring on the play-dates!!


guzzi guy said...

Those twins are really cute!

Tracy said...

I can't imagine.. one is good for me (: But all those kids are super cute!