Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Texts from last night....

You may of seen some of these. They are usually really funny, well this one really touched me, it made me cry.

I have loved Bayli forever. She came into my life at the age of two, a brand new two. She didn't love me the first day but I think by the second day I had her.

I used to date her dad a million years ago, he was never much of a dad so at some point I took over. I have had visiting rights ever since.

I never really felt like her mom appreciated what Bayli and I had. It made since, I would have a hard time with it too.

But last night, for the first time ever, she told me.

Something I have never expected but ALWAYS wanted to hear.

What a gift.

Here it is, the text messages, as they appeared on my phone. (I must share this because it means the world to me and I want to remember it forever.)

First a little background...earlier today Bayli made a strange comment on facebook saying she is really disappointed in her friend for the terrible choices she has made. She called me to explain and said that one of her friends had smoked pot and she was really disappointed in her for doing so. (by the way Bayli is 13)

So here is the text her mom sent me (keep in mind we have not always had the most amicable relationship)

Brandi: "Not sure if you are still awake but OMG. Can you believe lil Bayli is old enough already to have friends that are starting to openly get stoned? I'm so not ready for this. Aaahhh!!!!"

ME: "Yeah that is crazy! Good thing she has such a good head on her shoulders!"

Brandi: "I know. I'm so lucky. Well really luck has nothing to do with it. She's a smart kid with good family and support system (that'd be you). It is funny when I have conversations with people that I don't know very well and they say...Where's Bayli...I say oh she's at Sarah's. Explain who you are and the reactions are funny. I always say I think the more adults in my children's lives that I trust the better, it is for them! I know I probably don't tell you very often but I'm very glad that you are a big part of Bayli's life and that you two have the bond that you do. Thank you for maintaining that bond through all these years."

ME: "Thank you. That really means a lot to me. That made me cry. I love her like she is a part of me."

Brandi: "Don't go trying to tear me up too. lol. I know you do. And I'm glad for that. It may sound weird but I always brag about you. And the relationship you've kept with Bay. She is the well balanced great kid that she is largely because of you. Mothers and daughters always have times of head butting. We have not had too many (yet) but it helps me to know that she always has had you and always will continue to have you to turn to in those times."

ME: "I always tell her I AM her dad. I have always been a better dad then Brett so she is MINE. lol."

Brandi : "lol. I agree."

Again, totally make me cry, and so proud. I really needed this. I love you Bayli & I am so happy your mom "gets us".

You are my heart.


guzzi guy said...

This is awesome! Thank you very much for sharing this. It's all true!

Rhi said...

totally crying...what more do I need to say?

anyone who is lucky enough to have you in their life is blessed Sarah