Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Party at The Springs

Saturday our mission was to get the house all clean and pretty for our party on Sunday. We managed to stay focused for about and hour and a half before we decided to take a break to hit up Grandpa's digs for a little Easter party.

I know, we are such dedicated cleaners.

But really quitting was for a good cause, AVA!! Oh and photo opportunities, you know I can't pass that up.

Ava is sort of The Springs mascot. Everyone knows her, everyone loves her.

But really, what is not to love??

This is Jan, she lives at The Springs, she loves Ava so much that she gave her a family heirloom baby doll. Jan gave Ava a whole wardrobe for the baby and a little cradle. Her name is Emily. Emily is the BIGGEST baby I have ever seen. I think she taller then Ava and I am pretty sure she nearly out-weighs her too. You should see her try to carry this thing around, it isn't long before she is all "Momma, hold her!" Ava can be kind of demanding.

She was THRILLED to see the Easter Bunny.

They were immediate best friends. Each time she left the bunny she would assure her she would be right back. And she was. Over and over and over.

I think that bunny was about to charge her.

They had all these little art projects set up for the kids.

She wanted to take off her bunny ears.
I mentioned that the Easter Bunny wouldn't talk to her if she didn't wear them.

Ha! I love being the parent.

It wasn't long before she realized that bunny didn't have much to say anyway
so off went the ears. (boo!)

Next they had all the kids line up for an egg hunt.
Ava looked a little skeptical.

Being as the weather was pretty awful outside,
the hunt ended up being held in one of the show-model apartments.

The kids were fast so we pushed our way through and helped Ava get a few eggs.

She ended up with 6.
We made her count them and tell us what each color the eggs were.
If she didn't get the color right John wouldn't open the eggs for her.

We are mean like that.

On our way back we stopped to see the bunny again for the 347 time.

She was a bit bossy with the bunny,
I guess she figured they were so close and all...

"Sit down bunny! You hold my basket!"

And that bunny listened.

She was pretty grateful.

Total BFF's

But wait, what is this??? Watch this video to find out how Ava totally calls the bunny out,
(To watch video click the forward arrow on bottom left of the gray bar!)

After the whole "outing" of the chick in the bunny suit
Ava decided she need to share her candy with Janet, her favorite bartender.
Janet and her have this thing where Ava asks for things
and Janet gives them to her.

This is Ava's ideal relationship.

"Janet? Can I have something else??"

We ended up finding her in the restaurant, totally in the middle of something.

Ava came in determined to share her chocolate and Janet stopped everything she was doing and sat right down in the middle of the restaurant floor to be in the moment and eat chocolate with Ava.

It melted my heart.

We had such a nice time and
Grandpa got a big kick out of seeing Ava all dressed up too.

She LOVES her Great-Papa!


guzzi guy said...

Very nice! I can't quite get the whole "outing" message.

Sarah said...

She went from just thinking that was a bunny to seeing a person inside moving. She gets up real close and keeps saying "There is somebody in there!!" It was pretty funny.

guzzi guy said...

Ah! I see. That is funny.

Tracy said...

LOVE Ava's pink dress and huge pink bunny ears, so cute!