Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The time I tortured Norah by taking her to an Easter egg hunt....

Saturday I took the girls to an Easter egg hunt, with Alayah.  It's put on by Chris & D'Auna's church, we went last year and really enjoyed it. 

The girls were all excited to go, but Norah seemed to lose some enthusiasm for the event somewhere along the way....Maybe it was the rain?  Or the fact that I wouldn't carry her?   Who knows, she can just be difficult sometimes, such is life.

 Alayah was happy though, so that's good.  This is my favorite shot from the whole event.  Love her sweet little face. 
 So cute!

 Ava loved the hunt!

 I like how Ava gives Norah the "there, there" pat on the head.  She is a great big sister.

 Poor Norah.  
 Sort of smiling!!

 Little friends.


 Love Ava.
 She found a friend named Sarah, she kept finding new eggs to add to Ava's basket.  : )
 Norah sort of looks happy!!  Yay?!
 Blowing bubbles.
 Dumping all the bubble solution out, rude.  *Note to self, don't buy Norah bubbles....
 Not getting why she has to walk. (My hands are super full carrying all her belongings, including.but not limited to: her basket, her umbrella, her car snacks...)
This all may have something to do with the fact that her already small shoes have been placed on the wrong feet, just a guess. 

Finally D'Auna took pity on her and scooped her up and took her to our car.  

Sorry Norah, sorry we try to do fun things...lets try again next year, the rest of us had fun, Oregon weather and all!!  : )