Summer-ish Fun!

Yesterday was pretty much Summer around here!! 74 degrees & so beautiful out!  Yay!
 So of course I made the executive decision to not nap Norah and go to the park instead.
 Why *her* so serious!?

 Who's cute?
 ME!  NO ME!!!
(Tricky to get them to smile at the same time!) 
 They both are.
 I wonder what Audrey saw?  What ever it was it must have been shocking!   : )

After the park, mom & I picked up Ava from school and headed over to meet D'auna & Alayah for some swimming.  The girls LOVED that!  

 We love Alayah!
We even went out to dinner & John got to come too, so fun! 
Days like this make me super excited for Summer, we are ready!!


guzzi guy said…
It was truly a glorious day!

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