Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday!

I love walking Ava to school.  It's so nice to get out in the fresh air and just chat while we walk.  Sometimes we get to include Ava's BFF in all this fun, this is Malia, we adore her.

 Norah has a lot of fun on our walks too!
Here she is hiding behind the recycling bin, waiting to surprise the girls.
 They pretty much always know she's there, but they play along.

 Malia is so cute!  I just had to take her picture in that same spot I love.
 Here they are standing in line before school.  So sweet.

 Norah is all about asking for some love these days.
 Of course Ava had to get in on that too!

Here's a few from last night, the girls love to play doggie.  One is the dog and has to do all kinds of tricks for treats, here Ava is dragging her dog across the floor, looks painful.

Ava built this house, which made Norah super sad, she wanted to be in a house too.  I tried explaining that she WAS in a house, she looked at me like I'd lost my mind.  : )
 Check out how long Norie's bangs are getting!  That's actually her old layer I'm growing out.  She has shorter bangs underneath.
 The girls love playing with their food, the chopsticks only made in more fun.  All kinds of great conversations over dinner between that giraffe and that camel.  So funny, and eventually the dinner got eaten.  Well all but Norah's broccoli which she insisted she needed hummus for, she ate all the hummus but still no broccoli!  Oh well.  : )