Our weekend (in bad iPhone photos).

 Friday we had a nice visit with our little BFFs!  Here they are trying to scare Lauren & I, hiding and waiting around the corner to jump out! 

Saturday John took the day off of work, I think that's a first, I seriously can't remember the last day he DIDN'T work.  Even Easter!  : (  We REALLY appreciate how hard he works for our family, staying home with the girls means everything to me, such a blessing!!!

We decided to make it a fun family day.  After he worked in the yard we all went out to dinner together!
 The girls got all dressed up and we took them to Stanfords.  We had a gift card so the whole thing was even free to us, yay!  
We all had such a nice time!

On Sunday, after church we got to go to a Frozen-themed birthday party for Hailey.  

At the time when Valerie was telling me about this up and coming party I was feeling guilty because the girls had never seen the movie, despite EVERYONE we knew talking about it.  Since then, the girls ended up seeing it TWICE in the theater, and they also now own the movie (Thanks Grandma!!) so they have quickly become EXPERTS on everything Frozen. 
Hailey's grandma MADE this costume for her, so awesome!!  It's hard to see the detail in this picture, but it was really beautiful!
Norah even told a lady at church today as she was passing her by (super randomly) "The 'Let it Go' part is my very favorite!!"  hahaha  That's the main song from the movie, for all of you out there that aren't hanging out with Frozen-junkies. 
  Valerie made a beautiful castle cake for the birthday girl.  The kids also got to make crowns, construct a paper snowman and play pin the nose on Olaf, the snowman character from the movie.  It was super fun!
 Norah got to play the drums, very loudly.  She loved that.  Um, so did the rest of us?  
 Ava looked beautiful, as usual. 
 I love this picture I snapped of Hailey and her sister Jasmine, totally perfect Frozen moment between sisters.  Truth be told, I don't love kids birthday parties, but this one was pretty fun! 


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