Monday, April 14, 2014

Beach Fun!

We ran off to the beach Thursday night as Ava didn't have school Friday.  We brought our friends Yafit & Sophia with us, so fun!

The weather was amazing, blue sky and no clouds.
 Of course, much of the time when it's this pretty, it is also quite windy. (Ok, the sky might not have been THAT blue, but it was close.)
 We attempted to go down to the beach and hang out, but it was just too windy for anyone to enjoy.
So we packed it up and moved on.

 We headed over to the lake, where the weather was pretty much perfect.  It was lovely! 

 First the kids played at the park, which they loved.

 Then we moved down to the "beach" area, which was a huge improvement over the actual ocean. 

 This fisherman was so nice, we got to see him catch several small fish.

Yafit and I had a great time catching up, getting to know each other better and the kids played absolutely fabulously together.  So fun!!  What a great little get-away!


guzzi guy said...

Some really nice pictures of the girls and you. Really enjoyed this post.