Last Weekend...

 I have a little catch up to play.  I grow rather relaxed with posting when I'm in vacation mode.  It's nice to be back at it all though, happy to be home.

Anyhow, last weekend we had a lot of fun.  Saturday started with a great breakfast birthday party for Kenna, she is Lauren's niece. 
I even wore jammies!  The thought that I should wear them too didn't even occur to me, that morning Lauren text me and convinced me, just barely. 

 They are so cute & they loved getting to go somewhere in their PJs! 

 Audrey playing with Norah in the playroom. 

 Asher making a fruit-loop necklace.

 I love this one.

 One more time, just for fun!
 They were trick candles! : )


 Norah tried to make a necklace too, it was a little frustrating for her. 

 Then the kids all watched Frozen while the adults cleaned up.

Love this one of Audrey!  

Such a fun party!

Next I went for a nearly 10 mile run, which was awesome and the longest I've run in forever!  It was kind of a funny story, first I ran with Ava who was super gung-ho to run around the block "six times" and maybe even seven if she was feeling up to it.  She LOVED it and kept telling me how much fun she was having and how much she was enjoying herself.  Then about 1 3/4 blocks in she was done.  Ready to return home. So I dropped her off and set out for what I figured would be 5 miles, I was feeling good so I decided to make it 6.  Then I thought if I go just a little further it would technically be 7 since Ava & I had run 3/4 of a mile.  Right as I got to my street, Lauren runs by, pushing Audrey in the stroller.  I've always wanted to run with Lauren (she just started running) so I ran her home and back.  Altogether it was 9.7 miles, not bad!  Kinda makes me want to run another half!  : )

Afterwards John and I took the kids on a fun little walk to my old work for dinner.

Such a fun day with my girls!

I cringed a little at the totally matching dresses, but then dressed them VERY similarly the next morning for church too, somehow matching with out being exactly the same is MUCH cuter to me. 

They both look forward to Sunday school all week.  : )
Next up was another birthday party for Sophia.  The girls loved the games!
So fun celebrating our friends!
This all happened before we skipped town. Sunday night I drove the girls to the beach.  It was dark out and I had taken them home to switch them to jammies & brush their teeth.  By the time we got to the beach I had them convinced it was SUPER late, Ava guessed it was mid-night.  I got them right to bed where they fell right to sleep, it was actually 9:30.  : )

Oh but note to self, don't load up little Norah with cake and sweets before a car ride with lots of winding roads, otherwise putting jammies on and brushing teeth turn a bit null & void...


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