Wednesday, December 11, 2013

These girls...

I love to listen to them playing.  They have these conversations like "Ok Norah, you pretend you're my mom, and then you say..." and whatever the instructions are, Norah follows them.  Ava has taught her how to play on a six year old level.  I'm always a little surprised she can keep up. 

Then later you hear Norah saying "Ava, let's pretend like I'm dead..."  Um, ok, what?

The other day Ava was pretending to be a dog, as they do.  She insisted that dogs love spinach and kept eating and refilling this plate with it!  Yay!! She needs to teach that one to her sister!!
Our non-spinach eating dog. 
 They are each other's little side kick.  Here is Ava putting on "chopstick" for Norah.
More playing.
 I think Ava was a lion here.
 Snuggling in bed with dad.
 Carrying miss Norah around.

These girls are just so fun, I hope never to forget all these little moments!