Oreo, you will be missed.

Today is a sad day.  We lost Oreo yesterday.  We knew his time was coming, but it's still pretty heart breaking.  
It's hard to believe he was once so tiny!
I often referred to him as "big furred" as he weighed in at over 17 pounds.

 In the morning I went out to the garage and noticed everything was a wreck out there, like he got disoriented and trashed around, knocking everything over.  He has been blind in both eyes for several months but this is the first time he has done this.  He also went potty in the garage, which was unlike him too. 

I checked on him and he seemed fine. 

I took Ava to school and when I got home I heard a strange rustling coming from the backyard, I saw that he had somehow lodged his body inside a wooden trellis and was totally stuck.  I'm not sure how long he had been thrashing about trying to escape but he looked pretty bad lying there.  I got him unstuck and his body just stayed curled up, he couldn't walk and seemed in pain.  I rushed him to the vets office and they put him down.  Poor Oreo.  

Norah went with me to the vet, she doesn't really seem to understand what happened.  We talked about it but you can just tell the magnitude of the situation is lost on her.  I was much more worried about telling Ava, when we were half way home from school I told her, she wouldn't stop sobbing.  : (  

Our neighbors walked by and asked what happened, so I told them.  The mom leans in, puts her arm around Ava, and says "Maybe you can ask for a new kitty for Christmas?  Or a puppy?"  

Um, what?  Really???

Wow.  Who says that??

For some time now I've been on the fence of what to do about Oreo.  Watching him age and go completely blind was hard.  I'm glad he is at peace now.  He was a really good kitty, loved by many.  

We had a great 13 years together, bless his little kitty heart. 


guzzi guy said…
He definitely had a very large heart. The way he allowed the girls to lie on him and play with him was quite incredible. One very strong cat!
Alaina said…
I am so so very sorry. Thinking of you guys...

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