We are ready, or at least close.
The presents are all wrapped.  The house is all clean & pretty.  We can't wait for Grandma Barby & Grandpa Bob to arrive, we are picking them up this morning from the airport.

Such an excitement is in the air.  It's so funny how quickly Christmas seems to arrive, right after Thanksgiving, don't blink.  Then Ava's birthday and New Years, it all happens so fast!  

We are really looking forward to spending some wonderful memory-making time with our family.  I love this time of year.  And this is the best part, the busyness fades into a calmness, where we can just enjoy all the hard work in getting everything ready.  

A little excited and relieved to have this little elf fly back to the North Pole, she's fun for a minute, than she turns into one more thing to remember....   : )

Happy Holidays Everyone!


guzzi guy said…
Can't wait to see you guys Wednesday morning!

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