Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving, in a million photos...

 This very well may be the most pictures I've shoved into one post EVER.  But that's ok, they are a little late, so I don't want to drag them out over several days.  So behold, our Thanksgiving long weekend, in no particular order. : )
 Love my sister!
 Cousin Kay is so great with the kids, it was a pleasure having her join us!

 E & T, one of my favorite couples!

 Jeff is back, to stay this time!  Yay!

 Too much fun with the blankets, they had these adults working!

 Aren't they cute?
 My love.
 Sweet face.
 Love Abby.
So cute & funny.

 Will made us the best turkey yet!
 He has since been asked to make all meals that follow...
 Auntie Linda, our favorite.

 Pinochle, game 326.
 A pile of kids.  They all wanted to snuggle with auntie D'Auna.
 Everyone kept threatening to steal bites of the turkey before it got carved.
 Mom and her boys.

 I heart him.  One of the best parts of this trip was to get to spend so much time together without him working, just relaxing and having fun, what a blessing!

 Love his face.
 Typical. : )
 This girl. 

 Sexy mama.
 Still working.
 Love them.
 woMAN DOWN!!  Too much turkey...

 Mom & Daughter, so cute!

 She was reluctant to stop playing for 2 seconds to take a picture with dad, such is life when I'm your mom, get back here!! lol
I blame these two for the phone withdraw Norah went through when she got home....
 Happy.  I love happy.
 Playing with Nan
 Brother & Sister.
 Jeff always has an "alternative smile" for me.

 I think he's smitten with her. (Another phone, NO!!)
 Auntie Kim!

 Love this family!

 Jeffie is sleepy.

 Gingerbread houses and men, what more could you ask for?

 Oh yeah, blanket forts, of course!
 And horsey rides!
 And wonderful long hikes up mountains...

 We all hiked from Government Camp up to Timberline Lodge, or at least the base of it. 

 Only four of us made it the whole way, it was pretty intense.  I LOVED it.  I was ready to go back the next day but no takers.  : )

 There's that turkey again, I guess you can't have too many pictures of the turkey, right?

 So much food, even after 4 days, there was still a lot left!

This is my favorite house in Government Camp, if you were wondering. I make everyone go for a walk over to check it out!  It's much bigger than can fit in this picture. 

 Vivienne & Linda

 Ski lift swings = happiness!
 They kept walking like this in circles saying "Well this is awkward", it was cracking me up.
 Dads turn!
 This face melts my heart!
 Many hikes were had by all, Government Camp is the best!
Look, more phone.  I kid, Linda is the best at entertaining the kids, she has a ton of games she plays with them.  She was sick our whole trip, I was so thankful she rallied and hung out with us anyway!  

What a wonderful time!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, my family totally makes it!


julie b said...

Sarah, you are the best! Thanks for these amazing pictures! Thank you for organizing a delicious and healthy menu not only for the feast but throughout our stay! I loved the quinoa stuffing with curly kale and butternut squash! And the hikes. I love our family and I'm happy you do too!