The Attempt of a Family Photo...

We had a great time putting up our tree, Jessica & Will joined us too!

 Norah loved all the ornaments with pictures on them, we have several of John & I or of Ava, but no Norah.  I need to work on that! 

 They are so cute together!
 Time to attempt a family photo! 

 They were being less than cooperative, but they were cracking each other up, so there is that.

I don't know why it's so hard to get a good family shot.  You'd think these kids would be accustomed to taking pictures and just naturally cooperate.  Um no.  Not so much.  Oh well, as I don't send out Christmas cards there's really no pressure to get a great shot.  Maybe we will try again soon, only time will tell.  

But for now, Happy Holidays!!