Monday, December 9, 2013

Caroling done right.

 Linda, Kim & Abby host a caroling partly every year, it is really fun.  They serve soup, appetizers and wine, everyone gathers around the piano with their song books and sings the night away.  People are encouraged to call people and sing to them over the phone.  It's a great mix of fun with family and friends, singing and staying warm (caroling usually is freezing!) 
There were a lot of people in and out through the evening.  When I walked in I was a little overwhelmed so I set my camera down (and grabbed a glass of wine) and never picked it back up until the party was coming to a close.  Oh well, I like the ones I did get, and I added two from my phone for good measure. 
 Love these people.
Here's Norah putting on her own show.
 Auntie Linda!
 We all love Kay!
 So pretty.
 Two of my very favorite people!
 Happy kids.

Such a fun party!

These little party animals didn't get to bed until nearly 11, yikes!  They still managed to get up and ready in the morning for Sunday school, although they were moving a little extra slow.  : )