Monday, April 1, 2013

Pre-Easter Fun

 On Saturday I took the girls to meet up
with Cousin Alayah for an Easter Egg
 They were so excited!  Ava, because she
remembers how much fun these things can 
be and Norah because we said the words
"park" and "cousin", they were both totally sold.
 Norah was in heaven, opening eggs, eating 
chocolate, stealing cookies & marshmallows 
off of cupcakes, I'm not sure she's ever consumed
so much sugar, ever.
 She wasn't so much into the hunt part,
somehow seeing all these eggs filled with
candy everywhere didn't inspire her to collect
said eggs, she'd rather just sit and attempt to 
eat one at a time. 
 Oh and bubbles, such an object of joy,
and sorrow when bubbles spill, which 
coincidentally is every two seconds.
 I love this little trio (& D'Auna too!)

 I don't know whats going on here.
 That sweet face, she almost fools me.
 Ava had her first memorable teeter-totter 
experience thanks to Uncle Chris.
 She loved it.  So much so that she nearly
forgot my rule about not throwing fits when she 
was told it was time to go home.  She REALLY
wanted to teeter-totter more, but she pulled it 
together & did great.  I'm so proud of this girl!
 Norah needed to get in on this action too!

 Pretty please???  
(Could you say no to this face?)
 Chris couldn't either...

 Growling at a bug, that's her method.
 Beautiful Alayah

 Ava spent the rest of the day hiding,
finding & re-hiding her eggs in the 

 Butterfly tattoo = HAPPINESS
Eggs everywhere ALL DAY.
John's already vowed to rid them soon...
We also dyed Easter Eggs, which I must 
admit I nearly forgot to COOK the eggs 
first, so funny!!

What a fun day!


Nain said...

Looks like you guys had a very beautiful day!