Friday, April 19, 2013

Norah's First Dentist Visit

We've had an appointment coming for some time,
honestly, I keep re-scheduling it, better things have
come up.  But none the less, Norah was very excited
to go to her first dentist appointment.

Ava has always loved the dentist, I take her to a pediatric
dentistry so they totally cater to the kid crowd, it's pretty

I was a little worried about Norah actually liking it once
she realized what they were going to do to her...
Thankfully Ava had her very excited,
so we were off to a good start.

 She's such a good sister.

 No pictures in the car Mom!!  
Isn't any place sacred?? 
 They literally RAN into the dentist office.
 Norah played in the waiting room,
they have lots of toys, well she played
until she saw that her sister was watching
TV, then that won out.
 She happily went back to the office when
they called her name.
 She waited & watched while Ava had her x-rays.
 Ava is the very best example.
 And then Norah happily climbed into the chair for her turn.
 She kept pushing the thing out with her tongue
but they were able to get her to cooperate eventually,
I was impressed.
 Next she climbed into the big chair right 
next to Ava who got her exam at the same
 I love this picture, sadly the teeth shades were
way too big on her, that was sort of the theme 
of the afternoon, everything was way too big for
our tiny little two year old.
 They found some that worked though.

 You can barely see both girls, but Norah especially is
swallowed by that chair. I love that they did them at 
the same time!  I felt sorry for the lady that had Norah,
I turned to Ava's dental hygienist and said "You got the
easy one!" she agreed.  : )
 Norah would clamp her mouth shut and almost never
follow directions.  Just like at home...

At least she did let them clean her teeth and she didn't 
throw a giant fit about it, which was what I was 
afraid of.  It was just quite the process getting there.
 Unlike her sister who is a total dental rock star!
 She lets them do what ever and never complains.  
Love that.
 Norah was ready to get out of that chair way
before they let her.  She felt pretty done after 
the teeth cleaning, not too excited that she still
had to be examined by the dentist.
 She seemed very proud and relieved when it was over.
This girl is growing up so fast!! 

Next I took them to the park, then Ava to school.
 (I took a million pictures there too, but I will
save them for another post, so much restraint!)

After school we ended our day with a trip to 
Out of This World.

 BTW, I love their floor there, someday I would 
love to have a house with acid stained concrete, 
it's so cool!
We took Hailey with us, love having a little extra help
watching after Norah.   : )

Very fun day!


Weston Wadlington said...

Well, I think Norah's first visit to the dentist was great! Thanks to her big sister Ava who's been a role model! And the accommodating ambiance of the office surely helped her get into the mood, wouldn't you say? Hooray for our little Norah!
Weston @ Peak Family Dentistry

Lon Peckham said...

Good to know that your kids are not scared of dentists. Some little tots are terrified of their dental checkups that they have to be forced to sit on the dentist's chair. I think the notion of the dentist doing something bad or horrible to their teeth scares them. But by explaining the process and what will happen in simple words can calm them. Also, a little reward for behavin' well when visiting their teeth doctor can do the trick.
Lon -

Magaly Jeon @ Premiere Dental said...

Norah is just 2 years old, maybe that's why she's having a hard time following orders. Dentists and their assistants should know how to handle toddlers in times like this. It's natural for kids her age to follow instructions, thus, should be dealt with patience. All in all, the dental visit went well for both of them.