Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Running Challenge.

So I decided to challenge myself & see if I could run every day in March.  It wasn't hard really, for the most part it was pretty easy.  It was just a simple mental shift from "Will I run today?" to "When will I run today?"

First off I don't believe in running every day, so what the heck was I thinking??  I fully believe in rest days.  I  think they are good for you, they are what your body needs to be a better runner and stay injury free.

When I first started running I would worry if I skipped a day, like doing so might just led me to stop running all together.  Well the fact is I LIKE to run, so there is no danger of me just stopping for no reason. 

But I figured in order to make this challenge work for me I would keep my distances short to make it easier on my body to go with out it's needed rest days, so for 31 days I ran between 2-5 miles, usually just 2 or 3.

I logged 75 miles in March and that puts me at 454 miles I've run so far since I started.

I've gotten my time down a little this month, running at my fastest 9:13 pace per mile, that's REALLY good for me.  I usually keep it more at the ten minute mark.

The hardest days were by far the time we spent up in Government Camp, the snow was deep and the wind was strong pelting ice against my face as I ran in my snow boots, that was tough.  The look on the faces of the few people crazy enough to even be outside was priceless!
All in all I'm glad I did it, it was fun & even though I took today off (April 1st) I still feel a strong pull to get out there and run!  In fact, I still might go.  : )

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this I ran my BEST TIME EVER this morning (Tuesday Morning)

Yay!!!  Pretty proud of that!  : )


Alaina said...

Holy cow! Good for you!