Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our weekend and then some...

We had a great weekend! 

Friday I got to go play with Linda, Mom & Jessica.  We went to a Green Smoothie Girl conference, Robyn is super inspirational.  Not sure how that translated to the pizza, cocktails and ice cream we had after but it was super fun none the less!

These first 2 pictures are from Wednesday, Billy & I, along with a few of her other friends did a Boston Tribute run, pretty tricky taking pictures WHILE you are running : )

Saturday morning I took the girls out to watch Abby play soccer & drop the kids with Linda & Kim who so wonderfully offered to watch them for the evening so we could have a date night!
The game was at Pacific University, such a beautiful campus!

The kids both ADORE Remy, I love a good part-time dog to fill their animal fix.

This girl IS joy.

John & I hit went ice skating, neither of us had been in forever & it was really fun!  And we didn't fall so we were extra happy, HA!

We also hit 2 happy hours, Stanfords for pre-ice skating drinks and Portland City Grill for a little dinner afterwards.  We ended the night with a Redbox movie, This is 40, it was really cute.

On Sunday I picked up the kids and headed over to Chris & D'Auna's to surprise my brother for his birthday.  I don't think any of us hid our cars very well, he was on to us, but it was still really fun!

Finally got to meet Chemises adorable twins!  Love them! (Oh and twins totally scare me!!)

The best part of the party was that everyone said some wonderful things about Chris.  All of which we knew, but it's great to see how he has impacted so many peoples lives.  Everyone agreed that he is amazingly selfless, encouraging, always eager to help anyone, positive, inspirational, and just an over all great stand-up guy with a great heart.  I feel very blessed to have him as my brother!

After the party we jumped in the car & headed up to the mountain to try to get a little skiing in before our Spring passes run out. 
The weather up here is great!  A little cold but sunny!

So glad Linda got to join us, we all just love her so.

I'm pretty sure that's a thumbs up, hard to tell with the gloves.  

Ava's been a total skiing rock star, going so fast, if you blink she's left you in her dust and she's at the bottom of the hill!  I'm not kidding, so many times I look down for one second and expect to see her there, she waits for no one, just races down! 

Hope tomorrow is equally fun!  Love it up here!