Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All good things must come to an end...

This is it folks, last batch.  

Sadly, that next vacation is yet to be planned...  : )

 Let's start this off with a few pictures that had me laughing for one reason or another.
This one looks like someone was having quite the night, I would love to know the story behind this.
 This guy looks like he's having a rough day too, maybe a few too many of those all you can drink drinks??
This is a funny story, Jessica & I were about to go out dancing in downtown Cabo when I asked this guy to take our picture, he happily agreed, held up my phone, clicked the picture, checked it and said "Here, it's perfect!" and handed me back my phone with a picture of him! 

I'm totally doing that to someone!!  So funny.

 Every morning Norah would wake up, push open the closet door (don't ask) and say "I'm awake, let's go! Let's go swimming!  I get in stroller, lets walk around!" 
 The place was beautiful!  And fun to explore, almost like it's own little town.

 We'd take Norah to her first breakfast, then once Ava woke up (She stayed in Jessica's room) Norah would be ready for another breakfast.  This whole all-inclusive thing is AMAZING for kids!!  Perfect for their eat-every-hour life style, also perfect for us adults who love to eat & don't mind choking down a cocktail or 8 throughout the day...  : )

 I loved just letting Norah go, following her around.  She loved it too.  Such freedom!
 She saw this guy put his feet in and then of course had to try it 100 times all over the pool area, it made me a little nervous she was going to fall in so the next time I kept her shoes on and just said "sorry you can't put your feet in, your shoes would get wet." Strangely she accepted that and switched to putting her hand in, which somehow seemed safer.

 She even insisted on putting her feet in the fountain. : )

 I love the sister pictures.

 They even had a little play ground & super shallow pool area, surprisingly we didn't spend much time there, but the kids did enjoy it for a bit.

 This is a shot of Jessica & Ava on their balcony, we could just yell down to them if we wanted to chat & didn't feel like using the phone : )

What an absolutely fabulous trip!! 

Thank you so much Dad & Angi!  
You guys are beyond generous & we really, really enjoyed ourselves!  It's so fun building memories as a family!

We are always here for you if you need traveling companions...
: )


Alaina said...

So can I be adopted by your family and go on vacation with you next year? This looks amazing!