Monday, July 21, 2014

Seattle Trip

Last Friday John and I headed out to Seattle to visit his sister & have an over night away from the kiddos.   What should have been about a 3 hour drive ended up taking 7 hours...YIKES.  
 Our drive started with us not getting too far down the road when I realized I forgot my phone, so we turned around and went back to get it, turns out it was in my suitcase the whole time...awesome.  Next, traffic was a joke and was barely moving right from the start, way before the predicted trouble spots.  To make matters much worse I ended up hitting some metal thing that was in the road and popped our tire.  Ugh!!  

The kiddos were excited to get popcorn at the nearby Les Schwab, Norah wondered if they'd provide a movie too.  : )
 Norah was not happy.  

Unlike Norah, I was so impressed with how well John handled the whole situation.  He kept so positive and rolled with all the days punches with the very best attitude.  He is the best!!  

When we finally did arrive we had such a great time!!

 The girls both surfed!! It was amazing!!  They are so brave!

It was the perfect night!! 

We almost didn't want to leave but John and I were really excited for our over night date in Whidbey Island! After going out to breakfast we headed out to Oak Harbor where we couldn't wait to start hiking around the beautiful area.  We loved it!

 We took a million selfies of us together...

 And rode a ferry...

It was such a fun trip, tons of hiking., great food, and wonderful couple time.  We did miss our kids though, and we were excited to head back to see them the next day. 

We spent one more night at Celia's house and enjoyed a great sunset! 

It really was the perfect trip!!  

So blessed to have this wonderful family!!