Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Weekend!!

We had a busy weekend. 

On Friday John, along with Matt, Erik, & Brian, had a great time at Brew Fest downtown, while the kiddos stayed over at Linda's and I went on an all night de-cluttering kick, cleaning the girls room, among other parts of the house.  I sure know how to live it up on my big night with the house all to myself!  But it's always such a good feeling to get it all back in order, love that!  

We had to get up early, and after breakfast together, the boys (John, Matt, Erik & Greg) headed out to Washougal National motocross racing event, and I headed to Jessica's to help her move. 
 The truck she got was cracking me up, it was HUGE.  I think we could have had a dance party in there after all the stuff *magically* got in there.  By the way, hiring movers is BRILLIANT.  

A big thank you to Linda for watching the kiddos and keeping them so well entertained all day!! 

We worked, and didn't stop until 3am, but we got EVERY SINGLE BOX unpacked, the place looks amazing!  Just need to hang a few pictures and it will be done!  Yay!!

Here's a shot from the track, this is how close John was to the race!

Pretty cool!!

On Sunday, after church I took the girls swimming.  Norah was so funny when we got there she just starts walking towards the pool and I say "Wait, Norah, did you forget something?"  She goes "Oh no, my goggles!!"  Um no, your LIFE JACKET!!!  

Once I put it on she just ran into the deep end with zero hesitation and jumped in.  So brave!
 The most impressive part was Ava though, she swam all over that pool with no life jacket!  She dove for toys, swam back and forth across the deep end, she never once made me question needing to save her.  She is a little fish!!  I was so proud of her!! 

We got home and I left to go help Jessica shop for a few things, while I was gone John took Ava to the park and taught her to ride her bike with no training wheels!!  Big day for our little girl!!

Here's a little video.  Little miss Ava is growing up, and we couldn't be more proud of her!! 
Great weekend!!