Friday, July 4, 2014

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

 Where have I been??  Don't know.  Life feels busy right now, but the good busy, where there's lots of fun things going on...Here are a few photos from this week, all from my phone.
A little breakfast shenanigans...
 Enjoying a sunny day down at Jamison Square, we met our good friends Gail, Keeley & Georgia down there.  I took some "real" camera photos too, just haven't got around to uploading them yet.  : )
 Sweet little Norah
 Sunbathing on me.
 Love Gail!!
 Here's one of the girls at Reedville Cafe, so well behaved.  : /
 These are from a nice little walk through Cooper Mountain Nature Park, we love it there!
 Ava was so excited to catch frogs, we caught several!

 So pretty!!

 Love time with my love.

Here's a cute one of Asher & Audrey, playing in their little band.  

And we will end with my favorite photo of the week, my sweet baby girls, such love for each other!  
Does it get any better then this??!

Happy 4th of July weekend!!  Be safe!


viewfromdownhere said...

Yeah, I've totally neglected my blog as well. But it's okay because I still see plenty of pictures via FB!