Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Friday!!

I'm excited to be off to my first women's retreat with the ladies from my church, I'm so happy Jessica is coming too, yay!  It should be a great weekend!  

I spent yesterday tearing down the new pool.  I noticed how crazy dirty it was getting so I went about attempting to clean it.  Um, how??  There is no drain and after bailing a million buckets of water out and trying over and over to siphon the nasty water, I finally gave up & had John help me flip it over, leaving a slimy mess.  

In the middle of looking up ways to clean the pool and siphon the water I came across all kind of articles about the bacteria breeding ground that I was fostering.  YUCK.

The whole time all I could think was WE ARE NOT KEEPING THIS POOL.  I explained to the kids that it just wasn't working out.  I promised them we'd get a smaller pool, that was easier to clean.  They were surprisingly understanding about this disappointing turn of events.  Hopefully they can find the same level of joy with the new one, that had such a blast with that giant one!

Oh well, such is life. 

I have no real pictures from this week, I've been slacking. 

The few I have are of them sleeping, shocking I know...
 The love between these girls makes me so happy!!

Daddy even got in on the action that night!  

Have a great weekend!