Monday, June 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

We had the very best weekend!  Our whole family (mostly) went to Great Wolf Lodge.  The kids have known this trip was coming for quite some time, they've had a count down going non-stop up until we got in the car.  They are at the perfect age to anticipate and get excited over things to come without driving you nuts about it (like they did when they were younger).  
 Here we are ready to check in, happy little wolves. 
 Norah swim-ready.  : )
 So excited! 
 We were all just as excited as they were!!  Our group had 9 adults and 4 kiddos, the adults loved it just as much as the kids! 
 Here's the littlest ones playing under the table at dinner.  
 They put on several little shows for the kids to watch, they loved it!

 Love her little leg up, so cute!
 Playing with their new wolves. 


 The wand activates all sorts of cool things through out the building.

 I wish the quality of my photos were better, but at least I have some.  
 Dance party!

 We celebrated Ava's half birthday, I think we are going to focus more on that than her real birthday from now on, we aren't really thrilled with how close it is to Christmas.  This is more fun to spread it out. 
 We were so happy to have Colton & Scott join us!! 
 You know me, have to get one of them sleeping : )
 Here they are the next morning while we were hitting up the Starbucks in the lobby.  

I really wish I could have some pictures from inside the water park, the joy on their little faces was the absolute best!!  But no wet cameras or phones for me, we will just have to remember how fun it was! 

We really did have the very best time.  The kids had so much fun, they really got in there and lived it up to the fullest.  Such joy!  
 Here's Ava in her new cape.
 And Norah 3 seconds after we got in the car, complete with drool.
 Dad even spoiled them with a fire out in the yard when we got home.  
A big thank you to my momma for putting together such a perfect, awesome, over the top fun weekend, you are the best!!