Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finally the beach...

And by now I'm ready to go back! 

Ok, let's be serious, I was never ready to come home...

 As always the girls played their favorite game, jumping into the bean bags. 

 Our little explorer. 

 Another fun game, spin the sister.

 Love this shot.

 More jumpi

 And of course lots of beach shots!

 Loved having John with us, relaxed and not working!
 Having both my brothers there was really fun too!  Jessica and Will joined us too, but somehow escaped the camera...

  I made the girls pose for me on the beach, love all these shots.  

 Cool guy.

 Helping Chris build sand things.
 Burying Norah
 A little chat among cousins. 
 Here's the ones of Ava again, might as well keep them with this set too : )

 What a fun trip!! 


Rhi said...

the beach shots are terrific! Especially of the three girls looking out at the ocean :)