Monday, May 26, 2014

Zoo Fun!

 Our group, 6 adults and 9 kids.  
 Love the sister bond between these two!!  They remind me of my girls. : )
 So many little ladies!  Of our 9, only one boy, and he's only a tiny baby. : )

 Alayah is so cute with her little friends!
 Baby Lyon, adorable!

 These girls literally ran circles around us. 

 More sister cuteness.

 My little JOY.

 Love this family, miss them!

 Are we there yet?  : )
 Love this one!

 What are all these silly faces?  So funny!!

 Poor little bug.

Such a fun day hanging out with my Norah bug & so many friends! 

It was funny, I hadn't wanted to tell Ava where Norah & I were going.  I told Norah that morning that we were going to the zoo with Alayah and to please not tell Ava because it would make her sad.  She runs right into Ava's room and says "Ava I'm going to see Alayah!" then turns to me and says "Don't worry mom, I only told her the Alayah part, not where we are going..."  hahaha

Next Ava says, "Mom, it's ok, you can tell me where you guys are going, I am happy to be going over to Malia's house, so you can tell me."  It was really cute.  Love these girls!!


Cadie said...

You got some great pictures! That was so fun! It was great to see you! :)