Friday, May 30, 2014

For now...

I cleaned out our garage recently, or at least the half that has my stuff, the other side is far too overwhelming for me, but anyhow, that got me on a kick.  A cleaning and organizing kick.  I've gone through the kids room and got rid of many of their things, cleaned out drawers, the fridge, you get the idea.  But all I can do is think of the next thing I want to work on and none of it seems to be going very fast.  

The biggest irony of it all is that the house tends to get messier as this is all going on since I am not able to focus on my normal daily cleaning things.  Maybe in the mean time we need a sign that says:
 "Home is more organized than it appears" haha.

So that gets me back to not really getting to my photo editing, so I will just put up a couple shots from Instagram I have laying around for now.  Soon I'd like to get the rest of our beach trip ones up, we had such a fun time.  We were so blessed to have John join us!! 
 Norah drew a picture for Jackie!  She is so sweet!
 Love this guy.
Sand alligators, kites, and burying little 3 year olds in the sand...
 My favorite shot!  Cousin love!
 Putting those kids to work!
We will end this with my favorite two little girls, all matchy-matchy.  

Now back to my projects....when does anyone have time to sleep anyway??


viewfromdownhere said...

Love those skirts!

Rhi said...

Come organize me next!