All Dressed Up....

Queen Elsa, always. 
 Can you spot Norah?
 Little sis, riding on the coattails...
 I snapped this picture of Ava as she came around the corner, carefully maneuvering her high-heels. When she noticed I was taking her picture she was embarrassed.  She ran around the corner.  That's a little unusual for her, apparently she didn't think this outfit was acceptable.  
 That really didn't deter me much, I followed her around the corner and snapped two more, are you surprised?

 Norah didn't mind getting hers taken. 

 Ava came back a few minutes later, ready to be in a photo shoot.  Apparently the heels and gloves were too much, the addition of hair and wings made her feel more presentable. 

 Malia came over to play the other day, the girls of course had to dress up for that too.

 Yesterday we went to play at Morgan's house, this time it was all about Frozen.  Shocking.
Too cute though, I must say!!