Let it go...

Alternate titles considered:  Turns out money can buy happiness, Ava's best day ever, I never want to hear you say that you can't find a ladybug again...

Ava has always LOVED ladybugs.  Not such a huge fan of bugs in general, but for some reason the cheery little red shell with black dots changes the freaky bug factor for her.  

A little while back my mom mentioned to the girls that she saw some ladybugs that you could buy at the garden store.  Of course they begged her to bring them some, and she promised she would.  

Subsequently said ladybugs were mentioned about 5 times a day in the coming weeks, and an interrogation of grandma occurred whenever she arrived ladybug-less.   

But alas, they arrived...

 Wow!  So many!!!

 1500 lady bugs is a LOT of ladybugs!!  

 It was freaking me out a little, I could see them crawling up her shirt and all over her body.  She didn't seem to mind, although a few times she was convinced they were biting her.  That didn't make her want to stop holding them though! 

Audrey even got in on the action, Norah wanted nothing to do with this, aside from observing. 
Totally worth the wait!!

Ava is thrilled that she can just walk around the yard and see them everywhere!  So fun!


guzzi guy said…
Little Lady and Bug?